How to choose a good centriuge?

Benchtop High Speed Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine TGL-17-3

When you find a centrifuge,you will have your own required specificatons such as Max speed, Max RCF and Tube volume,the centrfuge must meet those requirements,besides above you also need to check other important specifications of the centrifuge because a good centrifuge will not only have good performance but also less problem and longer life.

The following specifications are important for you to choose a good centrifuge:

1.Good motor.

Motor is the heart of the centrifuge,by which the centrifugal work is to be achived. Three are three kinds of motor-Variable frequency motor,brushless motor and brush motor,variable frequency motor is the best among them. Variable frequency motor has better performance,longer life,low noise,high speed accuracy and is maintenance free,eco-friendly. Shuke centrifuge adopts variable frequency motor.

2.Steel housing and stainless steel chamber

Why this specification is important? Because safety is exactly very important  when the centrifuge is running. A housing made of steel is strong ,durable and heavy,which can ensure safety as well as stable operation. Stainless steel chamber is anti-corrision and easy to clean.

3.More functions

For a good centrifuge,it should can display and modify parameters like Speed,RCF,Time. Also it should have large storage space,for example,Shuke high speed centrifuge TG-16 can store 1000 programs and 1000 usage records.

4.Automatic rotor identification.

It's very dangerous if the rotor runs over-speed,automatic rotor identifaction can prevent over-speed. Shuke high speed centrifuge has the function of automatic rotor identification.Shuke RFID automatic rotor indentification technology can recoginise rotor imformation like Max speed,Max RCF,Manufacturer date and usage without runing. RFID are widely used in high speed refrigerated centrifuge such as TGL-21

5.Good cooling performance(For refrigerated centrifuge)

For a refrigerated centrifuge,good cooling performance is required to meet centrifugation goal. To have good cooling performance,it should have good compressor and temperature control system. Shuke centrifuge adpots high quality compressor,some of them are imported and we use PID dynamic temperature control system or cooling-heating double-loop temperature control system. Our temperature range is -20℃-40℃ with ±1℃ high temperature accuracy.

Post time: Sep-13-2022