Why We Are Different


We only produce centrifuges, focus on each product, focus on every process, and focus on continuous innovation.


With more than 20 years of experience, many senior engineers and experienced skilled workers control every process from production to after-sales.


All-steel body, 304 stainless steel chamber, electronic safety lid lock, automatic rotor identification.


Special variable frequency motors, imported frequency converters, imported compressors, imported solenoid valves and other high-standard accessories to ensure product quality.

5.RFID rotor automatic identification technology.

No need to run the rotor, can instantly identify the rotor capacity, maximum speed, maximum centrifuge, production date, usage and other information.

6.Three axis gyroscope balance monitoring.

The three axis gyroscope is used to detect the vibration state of the main shaft in real time, which can accurately detect the vibration caused by liquid leakage or imbalance. Once abnormal vibration is detected, it will automatically stop the machine and activate the imbalance alarm.

7.±1℃accurate temperature control.

We use double circuit temperature control. The cooling and heating double circuit temperature control is to adjust the temperature in the centrifugal chamber by controlling the time ratio of cooling and heating. It is an intelligent program that automatically gradually approaches the set value. In this process, it is through continuous measurement of chamber temperature and compare chamber temperature with the set temperature, and then adjust the time ratio of heating and cooling, and finally it can reach ±1℃. It is an automatic calibration process,no manual correction is required.