Benchtop high speed centrifuge machine TG-16

Short Description:

TG-16 Benchtop high speed centrifuge machine has fixed angle head rotors for variable volumes,the max capacity is 6*100ml. It adopts variable frequency motor,LCD touch screen and all steel body.

  • Max Speed: 16500rpm
  • Max RCF: 24760Xg
  • Max Capacity: 6*100ml(8000rpm)
  • Matched Rotors: Fixed angle rotors;Swing out rotors
  • Timer range: 1s-99h59m59s
  • Display: LCD
  • Speed Accuracy: ±10rpm
  • Weight: 29KG
  • 5 years warranty for motor; Free replacement parts and shipping within warranty

    Features and advantages


    Matched rotors

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    Max Speed 16500rpm Motor Variable frequency motor
    Max RCF 24760Xg Display LCD
    Max Capacity 6*100ml Electronic lid lock Yes 
    Speed Accuracy ±10rpm Can change parameters under operation Yes 
    Timer range 1s-99H59m59s RCF can be set directly Yes
    Noise ≤60dB(A) Can store programs 1000 programs 
    Power Supply AC 220V 50HZ 10A Adjustable acceleration and deceleration rate 40 levels
    Dimension 445*360*315mm (L*W*H) Imbalance detection Yes
    Weight 29kg Housing material Steel
    Power 500W Chamber material Stainless steel

    User-friendly functions:
    • LCD touch screen with simple&clear interface for viewing and setting parameters.
    • Intelligent status display,real-time and real values.
    • RCF can be set directly without RPM/RCF conversion.
    • Can set and store 1000 programs.
    • Can store 1000 run histories,can be exported via USB
    • 40 levels acceleration and deceleration rate.
    • Curve display---Speed curve,RCF curve are displayed together,clear to see their changing and relations.
    • Can set and save 5-stage centrifugation program.
    • Timer range:1s-99h59min59s,programmable in 1s.
    • Automatic rotor recognition to prevent over-speed.
    • Elastic rotor lock method,it’s convenient and fast to change rotor.
    • Imbalance Detection:Three-axis gyroscope is used to monitor the vibration state of the running spindle in real time.
    • Can set password to the device to prevent misoperation.
    • Can change parameters under operation.

    TG-16 laboratory centrifuge machine
    TG-16 high speed centrifuge  machine



    Ensure Safety:
    • Electronic door lock,controlled by independent motor.
    • Emergency lid-lock release
    • Lid can only be opened when completely stop running.
    • Port in the lid for calibration and operation checking.
    • Hydraulic rods support the lid.

    Good components:
    • Motor: Variable frequency motor---stable running,maintenance free,long life.
    • Housing: Thick and strong steel
    • Chamber: Food grade 304 stainless steel--- anticorrosion and easy to clean
    • Rotor: Aluminium alloy fixed angle rotor.Stainless steel swing out rotor.

    TG-16 high speed laboratory centrifuge

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