What is housing material?

The housing material of our most centrifuges is thick STEEL.

Often used material of centrifuge housing is Plastic and Steel. Compared with plastic,steel is harder and heavier, harder means it’s safer when centrifuge is running,heavier means it’s  stabler when centrifuge is running.

What is chamber material?

Medical grade 316 stainless steel or Food grade 304 stainless steel.

Stainless steel is easy to clean and anti-corrosion. Most of SHUKE refrigerated centrifuges are 316 stainless steel chamber,and others are 304 stainless steel.

What is variable frequency motor?

Motor is the heart of centrifuge machine, often used motor in centrifuge is brushless motor,but SHUKE adopts better motor---variable frequency motor. Compared with brushless motor,variable frequency motor has longer life,more accurate speed control,lower noise and is power-free and maintenance free.

What is RFID?

RFID automatic rotor identification. Without rotor spin,centrifuge can instantly identify rotor specifications,max speed,max RCF,production date,usage and other information. And user cannot set speed or RCF over current rotor’s max speed or RCF.

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What is three-axis gyroscope?

Three-axis gyroscope is imbalance sensor to monitor the vibration state of the running spindle in real time,it can accurately detect abnormal vibration caused by liquid leakage or unbalanced loading. Once abnormal vibration is detected,it will take the initiative to stop the machine immediately and activate imbalance alarm.

What is electronic lid lock?

SHUKE centrifuges are equipped with independent motor controlled electronic lid lock. When rotor is spinning,user cannot open the lid.

What is curve display?

Speed curve,RCF curve and Temperature curve are displayed together,clear to see their changing and relations.


What is program storage?

User can set and store often-used centrifugation parameters as program,next time just need to choose right program,no need to spend more time to set again.


What is run history?

With this function,centrifuge will record centrifugation histories,which is convenient for user to trace record.


What is multi-stage centrifugation?

Without this function,user must wait for the finish of last centrifugation procedure and then set next centrifugation procedure. With this function,user just need to set parameters of each centrifugation procedure,and then the centrifuge will complete all stages one by one.


What is password lock function?

User can set password to lock the centrifuge to prevent misoperation.


What is the difference between fixed angle rotor and swing out rotor?

Swing-out rotor:

●for working at low speeds,e.g. 2000rpm

●for tubes with larger capacities, e.g. 450ml bottles

●for working with a greater number of tubes at the same time, e.g., 56 tubes of 15ml.

Angle fixed rotor:

●for working at high speeds, e.g. at more than 15000rpm